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A lipoplasty procedure can test the strength of any surgeon – and be hard on patients. The MicroAire Power Assisted Lipoplasty Device makes it easier on everyone.

The MicroAire PAL LipoSculptor uses reciprocating (rather than rotating) motion to facilitate the movement of the cannula in tissue. This reduces the amount of force needed, especially in areas with more fibrous tissue. Finally, unlike ultrasonic and laser lipoplasty devices, there is no heat generated by the cannula, so there are no concerns about burning the patient.

The MicroAire PAL LipoSculptor is the shape of things to come in surgery.

MicroAire Electric Control Consoles

5020 Universal Electric Console

More versatile – Foot pedal optional Accepts dual handpiece cables Available 110 or 220V

5020 Electric Console

Accepts dual handpiece cable, Simple design, Available 110 or 220V

The PAL® System from MicroAire Aesthetics is a patented surgical instrument system used for fat harvesting and body contouring.

PAL® has very real benefits over other liposuction products:

1. It uses no heat or ultrasound energy, so the fat cells are just as healthy and viable as cells harvested using manual liposuction1.
2. It uses reciprocating motion that is designed to pass easily through tissue, especially fibrous areas, which makes procedures more efficient.

The PAL® System consists of four components:

• The PAL-650 handpiece has a thumb-throttle to control the rate of reciprocation. It is engineered for ultra-low vibration, comfort, efficiency and precision control.
• The NEW 5020 Electric Console provides reliable power to the handpiece, utilizing a touch-screen interface that can be used to set the instrument’s max speed.

Theconsole accepts two instruments simultaneously, including any of MicroAire’s smallbone orthopedic power instruments. The low-flow irrigation pump is intended for orthopedic use, not for tumescent infiltration. The 5020 Console also meets new requirements for reduced electrical interference that went into effect in 2013.

The 5020 does accept older PAL® handpieces, but a new 5006-PAL Smart Cable is required.

• The 5006-PAL Smart Cable connects the handpiece to the console and tells the console which type of instrument is connected.
• All MicroAire Aesthetics Cannulas are offered in a wide variety of sizes and port configurations. All cannulas are made of high-quality, electro-polished stainless steel.
PAL Technical Specifications

Features 2mm reciprocating movement at 4000 cycles per minute
Power source is an electric console
No special suction pump required
Instrument and electric cable can be sterilized in standard steam autoclave
High-grade stainless steel cannula manufactured in the U.S. available in multi-use or single use styles

PAL® Sterilization Tray

H – 3.5″ (9cm); L – 15.5″ (39cm); W – 9.5″ (24cm)

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