Grippon Tubular

Technomed Manufactures Tubular supports which are better and convenient substitute of crepe bandages.the garment provides controlled and consistent compression, and is easy to wear. Grippon covers stay firmly, as they are tabular and with seamed ends.grippon covers are skin colored, porous, reversible, washable and reapplicable with full range of sizes to suit any application.


1.Treatment of sprains, strains, swelling of muscular & joint problems due work & injuries or dislocation.
2.Rehabilation of weakening muscles following orthopaedic injuries & long duration plaster casts.
3.Reduces oedema’s, relieves swelling & assist venous circulation i.e. varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, stump support.
4.Treatment of hypertrophy scar following burns or deep dermal injury i.e. burn scar hypertrophy, post operative hypertrophy management.
5.Prevents the formation of varicose veins in pregnancy & gives most comfortable support in established conditions.
6.Keeps limb warm & comfortable after frictions & massages.
7.Skin donor sites & skin grafted areas.
8.Lumbar/abdominal support i.e. post pregnancy abdominal binder.
9.Breast care dressing i.e. post masectomy & mammoplasty support & Lymphedema.
10.Chest binder i.e. following rib injuries , post thoracic support.
11.Hip Spica i.e. hip injury, arthitis of hip joints and other sleeves.
12.Prevention of decubitus ulcers of elbow & heels , pads may be placed under Grippon covers, sleeves next to the skin.
13.Recommended for the support of amputation stump, Lymphedema sleeves.


Choose correct size by refering to calibration chart.Incorrect size may lead to swellings or pain on extremities.
Never overlap the covers from upper end.
For additional pressure(if required)in each size, two layers of Grippon Tubular Support cover may be used, one rolled over the other.
Various size are available in 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, & 1m. length.Also available in professional packing of 5m. & 10m. rolls.

ADVANTAGES Of Grippon tubular covers
A convenient substitute of crepe bandage, no need to tie, just pull like a socks.
Full flexibility in movement, while covers stay firm in place without pins or tapes.
Controlled & consistent compression, provide comfortable and effective support.
Light and comfortable to wear.
Porous structure permits skin to breathe.
Washable & reusable.
Full range of sizes to suit any application.
Easy to apply & reapply.
Variable pressure gradient possible by using double or more layer of the covers.
Easily adapt to body contour.
Seamless construction avoid pressure points.
Seamed ends increases life of the covers.
Light enough to wear beneath normal wear or shoes.
Reversible for use on either side.
Retains body heat to ease pain.


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