Rhino Plasty Retainers Silimed

Rhino Plasty / Nostril Retainer


This retainer, was developed by Dr.Jose Lauro da Fonseca, designed to prophylaxis of steosis and cicatricial contractures. It is recommended for all age groups and types of noses (black, caucasian, oriental). It has a functional, anatomic format and can be sectioned by adjusting the length according to the requirement.
Provided in two versions, one simple (1) and another option with lateral fixation patches (2), which may be used during the  first past surgery phase to prevent the displacement of the product, as well as white dot indicate the good positioning . There are a set of sizes available, which will assist the surgeon in choosing the proper size. Supplied sterile in individual packages.

INDICATIONS: After aesthetic and reconstructive rhinoplasty; after rhinoseptoplasty; after rhinoseptocheiloplasty after and / or primary and secondary rhinoseptoplasty (cleft-lip nose patients).

ADVANTAGES: Maintains the septum in a vertical position; allows for nasal breathing immediately after the operation, without blocking the flow of air; painless and non-traumatic; Easy to keep clean and sterilized; material used continuously by one single patien; Erases the memory of ectopic cartilage and maintains constant results.


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